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M&Y Mugs

M&Y Mugs

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Customizable Glass Mug with Vinyl, Rhinestones, and Alcohol Inks

This high-quality glass mug offers a perfect canvas for personalization. The mug surface allows for a variety of customization options, making it ideal for unique gifts or adding a personal touch to your own drinkware collection.

Vinyl Customization: The mug can be adorned with intricate vinyl designs, offering endless possibilities for customization. From elegant monograms to vibrant patterns, vinyl can be applied to the mug's surface to create a truly unique look.

Rhinestone Embellishments: For those looking to add a touch of sparkle, rhinestone embellishments can be added to the mug. Whether it's a simple design or a more elaborate motif, rhinestones can enhance the mug's aesthetic appeal and make it stand out.

Alcohol Ink Art: If you prefer a more artistic approach, alcohol inks can be used to create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs on the mug. The inks blend beautifully on the smooth glass surface, creating mesmerizing patterns and colors that are sure to impress.

Durability and Care: Despite its delicate appearance, this glass mug is durable enough for everyday use. It is not dishwasher-safe just warm soap and water, making it easy to clean and maintain its vibrant appearance.

Customizable and Versatile: Whether you're looking to create a personalized gift or simply want to express your own style, this customizable glass mug offers endless possibilities. With vinyl, rhinestones, and alcohol inks, you can create a truly unique piece that reflects your personality and creativity.

There is a 1 to 2 week turn around for customs with Bling and inks.
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